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My name is Simone, I am a 40 something woman who went vegan for ethical reasons over three years ago, prior to this I was a lifelong vegetarian.  I live in the UK where veganism is increasing in popularity at the moment.

Until recently I worked full time as an Accountant in an office based role.  Having just collected my twenty year long service award I decided that I wanted a change, to take a break from work and spend some time doing something different than the nine to five for a while.  So with the support of my husband I was able to quit my job for a few months (three/six/nine/twelve – we are currently negotiating!) and think about what it was that I wanted out of life.  My list isn’t hugely ambitious, I want to finally learn to drive, to volunteer at my local library and at a local wildlife rescue centre.  I want to read more, to learn to knit, to spend time experimenting with vegan cookery.  I would like to learn another language and get all those jobs done that we never got round to when we were both working.  But, more than all of this, I want to finally shed the weight that has caused me so much discomfort and embarrassment, that has knocked my confidence and stopped me fully living my life for as long as I can remember.

I have struggled with my weight for all of my adult life, despite the fact that I constantly seem to be starting a diet (although not actually sticking to it for long!).  I used to have varying degrees of success with my weight loss, often losing a stone and a half before losing my mojo.  However, since I married seven years ago even my half-hearted attempts at weight loss yield no success.  My husband and I share a love of delicious vegan meals (in very large portions), of socialising at the weekend with a bottle of vegan wine or two and tucking into vegan nibbles in front of Netflix at night.  I also eat far more chips than I ever did since I went vegan!!  This coupled with the fact that although I want to lose weight I otherwise lead a very comfortable and settled life, means that I have just got fatter and fatter since getting wed.

I have never been afraid of exercise, in fact five years or so ago I ran six half marathons in one year and was an active member of a running club.  However, since then my exercise has dwindled and become sporadic, I’m still a paid up member of that running club, I just don’t go anymore!  I often come up with some crazy idea which I sometimes see through (i.e. two years ago I took part in RideLondon and cycled 100 miles in the Surrey hills) but more often I don’t (I have lost count of the amount of half marathons that I have entered then pulled out of because I wasn’t actually fit enough to do them when the time came).  Last year I was struck with a back complaint which served to put me out of action for at least six months, the most I could do was go to work everyday and walk my dogs on a good day.  Thankfully I am now on the mend and trying to rebuild my strength and my fitness.

And so, I have finished my last shift in the office and my weight loss journey can begin in earnest, realistically it will take me a year to shift the weight, I hope that you will join me this year to hear my highs and lows and hopefully celebrate with me at the end of it.

Wish me luck!







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  1. Your blog seems interesting and your struggle with the weight similar to mine. I will be interested to hear about your adventures!

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