Twelve months twelve different diets!

The idea came to me earlier in the week after I’d watched the ITV programme ‘Save Money Lose Weight’, in the hope that I might glean some valuable diet and exercise tips.

The premise of the programme was as follows: “In Save Money: Lose Weight, six overweight Brits take on six off the shelf diets for 28 days. And this show is all about saving money! So we’ll work out how much each diet costs them for every pound of weight they lose – pound for pound From Lean in 15 to the Paleo diet, 5:2 to Diet Chef, Lighter life to Juicing we’ll follow their journey to see who’ll shift the most weight… at the cheapest price.”.

The programme was interesting enough and helped while away half an hour or so, but rather than pinpoint a specific diet for me to follow, what I really took away from it is that all diets work if you stick to them (stating the obvious there perhaps!).  However, if like me you have a lot of weight to lose, how do I find the motivation and willpower to stick to the same diet for many months at a time?  Well, maybe I don’t have to ….

Here comes my big idea!

For the next twelve months I am going to follow a different weight loss programme/plan for one month at a time until I have tried twelve diets in twelve months!  Part experiment and part unique motivational tool, I will conduct my own weight loss trials, measuring certain key performance indicators (weight loss/inch loss/lbs lost per calorie/affordability of the plan) as well as more subjective measurements such as how easy it is to fit around everyday life/quality of food, etc..

There will be a couple of rules: number one, of course, the plan has to be vegan/plant based and number two I must couple following the diet with five sessions of exercise each week.

The diets

After some research I’ve identified twelve potential diets for my weight loss experiment (potential because I might tweak things during the year if a new diet is launched or a diet provider on my list stops operating).  I’ve tried to categorise each diet as either ‘calorie counting’, ‘all you can eat – with restrictions’ or ‘prescriptive meal plans’ so that I can vary the type of diet I follow each month.

My list of diets therefore is as follows:

  1. Slimming World
  2. Weight Watchers
  3. Forks over Knives
  4. Happy Pear
  5. Scottish Slimmers
  6. Happy Herbivore
  7. Starch Solution
  8. Rosemary Conley
  9. Crazy Sexy Diet
  10. My Fitness Pal
  11. 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart
  12. Eat to Live

I will start with Weight Watchers on Monday 25th September, posting lots of updates throughout the month

Wish me luck!



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