12 diets, 12 months – Weight Watchers

Today is the first day of my twelve month weight loss challenge, where I will attempt to lose five or maybe even six stone (positive thinking!) whilst testing twelve different weight loss methods.

I have chosen to kick off my experiment with the Weight Watchers online diet plan.  When identifying the different types of diets that I could follow, I categorised Weight Watchers (WW) as a ‘Calorie Counting’ type plan (rather than an ‘All you can eat – with restrictions’ or a ‘Prescriptive Meal Plan’) which should suit me this month as I have both a weekend away and a full week’s holiday in October.  Hopefully the flexibility of the WW plan will allow me to incorporate the rules of the diet whilst away.

Having weighed and measured myself first thing this morning, and once I’d recovered from the revelation that I am more than 50% fat (!), I headed over to the Weight Watchers website to sign myself up.  The ‘How it Works’ section of the website describes the diet in the following way:

You can eat all the foods you love – nothing is off limits! Our plan is designed to fit your life.

The WW plan is easier than ever

SmartPoints® is a simple counting system
SmartPoints nudges you towards nutritious, healthier foods so that you eat better, feel better, have more energy and lose weight.

It’s personalised
You get a personalised SmartPoints budget to spend on anything you like. Stick to your budget and you’ll lose weight.

No counting involved
If sticking to budgets isn’t your thing, our No Count option is for you. There’s no measuring, weighing or counting.

I will be using the Online only service, which offers the following:

Anytime, anywhere access
Everything you need to follow the plan including informative articles, motivational videos, and our easy-to-use WW app for when you’re on the go.

Healthy choices made simple
Hundreds of delicious recipes and meals to inspire you in the kitchen, along with quick videos to make healthy eating easy.

Support when you need it
Get advice and your questions answered with Online Coach and be part of our exclusive social community – Connect; a safe place to celebrate, share tips and chat with WW friends. 

So far so good.

I chose the one month subscription which cost me £12.95.  However if you sign up for longer you can get a cheaper monthly subscription, for instance at the moment WW are running a promotion where you get the seventh month free if you sign up for six months.  I paid using Paypal which made sign up incredibly easy, it will be interesting to see how easy cancellation will be in a months time!

Having parted with my money I was able to set up my profile, inputting details such as date of birth, starting weight, goal weight and current activity levels.  I was then taken through an online tutorial on how the website and the diet works, for instance:

Each food is given a SmartPoints® value, based on nutrition. Your My day dashboard will help you keep track of what you eat. You will see how many daily SmartPoints you have used and how many you have remaining. On the left is the status of your weekly allowance.

I was also pointed in the direction of the WW app which I will download and explore over the coming days.

I have been given a daily points value of 30 and a weekly points value of 42, it will be interesting to see how far these points values stretch!  Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get to grips with the plan, I will report back soon with how I’m getting on.

Wish me luck!


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