Day 1 – Weight Watchers

As my first day on the Weight Watchers plan draws to a close I have the following thoughts on my experience so far:


  • Simplicity – it didn’t take me long to get to grips with the concept of SmartPoints and FitPoints.
  • Online support – a WW coach is available to ‘chat’ 24/7, I used this facility and got an answer to my question within one minute.
  • The App – easy to use and has enough functionality so that you can forgo the laptop.
  • ‘My Day’ – it is easy to log food and exercise throughout the day on the app or a laptop.  The food database is extensive but it is easy to add foods if necessary and the recipe builder is good for adding your own homemade meals.
  • Food – despite all the Weight Watchers products in the shops I am yet to see mention of them on the site, instead the emphasis is very much on home cooked food.
  • Exercise – emphasis is placed on exercise and the synergy between what we eat and staying active.
  • Syncs with my Fitness device – I have linked my Garmin Vivoactive to my WW account so that my steps are automatically included in my FitPoints.  All my steps over 3,000 a day earn me FitPoints.
  • Connect – very reminiscent of Facebook this is Weight Watchers’ social media page which is packed full of incredible success stories from actual members.  I think this will be a great source of inspiration and hopefully will be informative.
  • Success Stories – the website is chocker with Success Stories to motivate me.


  • Hunger levels – I have been hungry for most of the day!  I must caveat this by saying that this is probably due to the fact that I don’t yet know the best way to ‘spend’ my SmartPoints.  For instance, my breakfast of crumpets and peanut butter was 10 SmartPoints and my supper of an AllPlants ready meal was 16 SmartPoints, not leaving much for lunch and snacks.
  • FitPoints – I received 7 FitPoints for just 3,500 steps, this seems a little high to me.  I can choose to eat these FitPoints or not, at the moment I am thinking that I will eat them as I’m hungry!  However, this might change when I get smarter with the plan or if I don’t lose any weight.
  • Juices/Smoothies – whilst all fruit (apart from avocados) and most vegetables are free on the diet, if you make them into smoothies or juices or cook them you have to count each piece of fruit at 4 SmartPoints, seems a little high to me so I’ll be retiring my juicer for the month.
  • Recipe finder – I’m not keen on the way that you search for recipes, rather than having a list of all the veggie/vegan recipes available WW appear to have ‘Top Recipes’ showing the recipes of the week.  They do provide a ‘Vegetarian mix-and-match meal plan’ with suggestions for a weeks worth of meals, I intend to adapt the meals to suit a plant based lifestyle to try and help me learn how to use my SmartPoints more wisely.
  • Structure and layout of the website – the website seems really haphazard to me, I find myself stumbling across some interesting content and then I can’t find it again.  Time will tell whether I am judging the site too harshly and whether I will find it easier when I have followed the plan for a few days.  At the moment it doesn’t seem like a hugely intuitive website.

My biggest takeaway from my first day is that I need to find ways to make my SmartPoints stretch further so I’m not quite so hungry tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


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