The autopsy – Weight Watchers

My month on Weight Watchers has come to an end and I can report that I have lost 3lbs, 1 inch and 4% body fat.  Not an earth shattering amount it’s true, but it has been a funny month for me (birthday weekend away and a weeks foreign holiday) so I cannot honestly say that I gave it my best shot at all times.  Reason to be happy with my results on this diet perhaps?


I would be lying if I said that I found that Weight Watchers suited me, that it was easy or that I was able to stick to my allowance at all times.  Whilst the concept is simple to understand, I really struggled to keep within my SmartPoints allowance each day.  It felt like my, relatively, high carb vegan diet wasn’t very suited to the WW plan and that even plant-based foods with more protein were higher in SmartPoints than meat (i.e. 100g lean mince was 2 SmartPoints and 121 cals. versus 100g chickpeas which have 3 SmartPoints despite the lower calorific value (110 cals.)).  The WW SmartPoints are designed to enable you to make healthier food choices by steering you to the ‘right’ types of food, but I would challenge some of their assumptions about what is healthy.

Weight Watchers Pros and Cons – the final analysis


  • Website and app – ease of logging my food and the large food database.
  • Connect – a Facebook/Instagram type social media platform full of support and inspiration from other WW members.
  • 24/7 support – a chat box that is available 24/7 which links to WW leaders who can answer any questions you may have.
  • FitPoints – which encourage you to exercise and acknowledge the part exercise plays in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Portion control – my biggest struggle, however you do really have to think about portion sizes on this diet.
  • Fruit – can be eaten freely (see caveat below in Cons).
  • Cancellation – it was very easy to cancel my subscription – just a quick email to WW head office.


  • Carbs and plant based protein ‘punished’ – as mentioned above, certain foods are really penalised on this diet even if their calorific content isn’t particularly high and they are packed full of fibre and other goodies.
  • Smoothies and juices – I missed my smoothies and juices but as you need to count each piece of fruit as having 4 SmartPoints I just couldn’t ‘afford’ it.
  • FitPoints – a pro and a con – I was very surprised at how many FitPoints I was being awarded for the smallest amount of activity, i.e. a very slow paced dog walk.
  • Portion Control – again a pro and a con – I was starving at times on this diet, or I’d used all my SmartPoints by the time it got to supper time!

As I say goodbye to Weight Watchers, it is fair to say that it isn’t for me as I’m just not disciplined enough to stick to the SmartPoint allowance that they gave me, hopefully I will find my next diet plan a bit easier.

Wish me luck!





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