First impressions – Happy Heart

Two days into the Happy Heart programme and already I feel so much more comfortable with the plan than I did with Weight Watchers.  This is in no small part because it is designed by Vegans (well 99% Vegans) for Vegans and because you can eat as much as you like (within the guidelines) which means no hunger and no juggling calories or SmartPoints.

I spent a few hours yesterday morning on the HH online portal getting to grips with the rules of the plan (explained in my blog 12 diets, 12 months – Happy Heart) and printing off the recipe packs.


The recipes include goodies such as Happy Heart Pancakes and Speedy Chia Seed Jam; Shitake Shroom & Barley Broth and Armenian Lentil Soup; 15 Minute Mexican Mix and Phils Butter Bean Burgers and Chocolate Almond Sorbet and Skinny Banana Bread.

I then spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking up a batch of HH compliant foods, including pitta breads, soy yoghurt, roasted red onion hummus and the HH energy balls, all of which were very tasty and did not suffer from the lack of fat.

My first impressions of the diet are very positive, I am enjoying the food I am eating and it seems healthy and based on sound enough science.  You do need to be organised though and not afraid to get into the kitchen.  I would also imagine that eating out on this plan is going to be very difficult, but as Stephen and David say “it is just for four weeks”.

The question will be whether eating as much as I like is a good move, I do have a very large appetite and a pretty unique ability to ‘pack it away’!

Wish me luck!



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