Online lectures – Happy Heart

When you sign up for the Happy Heart course you are given access to a large amount of online content; recipes and rules of the plans, along with online lectures.

New lectures are released each week and tend to consist of a five minute video on the topic, presented by Stephen and David, some text backing up (but not replicating) what is in the video and a short quiz at the end to test understanding of the topic.

Week 1 lectures include:

  • Wholefoods
  • Buying Produce
  • Meal Planning
  • Reading Labels
  • Alternatives to Dairy
  • Heart Disease in Childhood
  • Reversing Heart Disease
  • Introduction to Cholesterol
  • Optimal Cholesterol Levels
  • About Dean Ornich

I like these lectures as they help keep me engaged in the course, especially as they are released a week at a time.  They are just the right length and can be covered in the week without feeling overwhelming.  It also feels like you are getting more for you money (this plan is the most expensive plan I will follow) than just the plan rules.


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