Just stick to the plan!!

If there is one thing that my little experiment has taught me so far it is that I am hopeless at sticking to the rules of my chosen plan.


Alas, I haven’t the insight yet to know whether I am in fact hopeless at sticking to all diets (because let’s face it they’re not much fun!), whether I am kicking back at the rules of the diets that I have tried so far (and maybe if I find the right plan all will click into place) or whether I am just useless at doing what I’m told in general.

What I do know however is that when I followed Weight Watchers I bemoaned the lack of food, I wanted to be able to eat more of the healthy stuff to satiate my ferocious appetite.  So, I chose to the follow the Happy Pear Healthy Heart plan next, which has no restrictions on how much you eat but does steer you towards the good stuff and forbids fats and processed food.  Now of course I am craving spread on my toast, peanut butter on my rice cakes and sugar in my coffee, the six nuts I am allowed to eat a day seem pitiful to me and whilst I can eat fruit until my heart is content it’s just not doing it for me.

I am learning that, whilst I want it all and I want it now, I struggle to find the winning formula that will help me get there.  Is this due to a lack of that mystical thing called willpower on my behalf, perhaps deep down “I don’t really want to change” (I never really understand that one – of course I want to change!), or could it be that eating yummy food and reading a book is more fun than munching on wholemeal pasta and going for a run?

I fear I need to dig a lot deeper to discover what is to blame for my lack of success and commitment, there must be a reason why I don’t …….


Wish me luck!

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