The post-mortem – Happy Heart

Today is my last day on the Happy Heart Plan and, unless a miracle happens on the scales tomorrow, I think it’s fair to say it hasn’t work for me.  Whilst I applaud the concept of the low fat wholefood plant based diet, and the recipes provided are delicious and simple, I haven’t been able to buy in to the plan wholeheartedly.  For instance, I have only watched 50% of the course material, which is unforgivable considering I am at home most days.

Although I have been following the food guidelines eighty percent of the time (I expect most vegans with an eye on their waistline and who like home cooking do this naturally anyway) I haven’t been committed enough to give up going out for meals or drinks with friends or to give up sugar in my morning coffee.  With an all or nothing mentality (something I know I need to work on …. more of which next month perhaps) I think that once I had ‘cheated’ on this plan I gave myself carte blanche to do so again and again.

Whereas on Weight Watchers last month I was able to have a few ‘cheat’ days and then remedy this by strictly monitoring SmartPoints and FitPoints for a few days afterwards, I find that this isn’t so easy with the ‘all you can eat’ diets such as Happy Heart and Slimming World.  From past experience these sort of diets only work if I stick to the rules wholeheartedly and alas this isn’t something I’m good at, I’m always trying to play the margins – which isn’t possible when you are given such a generous food allowance on a day to day basis.  I need a plan with a bit more flex.  It is also worth noting that this course was actually developed to lower cholesterol and I think this is still it’s primary purpose.  Whilst there are some good losses reported on the Facebook page, like me, some are a bit disappointed at the lack of success on the scales with this plan.

Having said all this I believe that the Happy Heart course is a good one.  Yes it is probably the most expensive of the diets that I will attempt this year, at one hundred euros, but you get a lot of content and contact time with Stephen and David for this.  There are live Facebook chats, email support that is manned 9 to 5, a huge amount of course content including informative videos and lots of delicious recipes, along with a supportive Facebook group.  The food is super healthy and exercise is also encouraged.  It is nice that once you have paid for the course the ‘boys’ do not try to sell you anything else, not their cookery books or their food range, you have everything you need in the subscription fee.

However, I am looking forward to moving on to the next part of my experiment tomorrow, getting my head around and starting a new plan, hopefully with more success than this month.

Wish me luck!


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