Introduction – Artful Eating by Karina Melvin


I am starting my month of Self-Help ‘diets’ with Karina Melvin’s ‘Artful Eating – The Psychology of Lasting Weight Loss’, I found the book on Amazon and although it doesn’t have many reviews yet they are all very positive (5 Star).  The book itself is beautiful, the layout and artwork is impressive and it is printed on great quality thick paper, making it a real joy to read.

The book is split into the following sections:

  • STARTER – become informed and lay a solid foundation for success.  ‘Knowledge is power’ – get informed and honest about your behaviour, habits and unconscious motivations.
  • MAIN COURSE – a period of realignment when you will be introduced to the practicalities of how to lose weight while experiencing freedom with food and flavours.
  • DESSERT – an introduction to balance and personal wellbeing.  Using cognitive behavioural therapy and a very modern form of hypnotherapy. 
  • DIGESTIF: Artful Eating for Life

Each ‘course’ features actions and exercises for the reader to complete, with a good balance of reading and doing.

I will blog about each course in turn and let you know how I am getting on, in the meantime, find below what I took away from the Introduction.


It is part of the human condition that our actions and behaviours contradict what we say we want.  We say that we want to lose weight and get healthy, yet so many people struggle to take action and achieve their goal.  It is time to acknowledge that ‘the diet’ is dead, two-thirds of diets fail and dieting is actually a consistent predictor of future weight gain.

Lasting weight loss is not about what you eat but about why and how you eat.  By focusing solely on the symptom we have lost sight of the cause.  If we can commit to being open to thinking differently and willing to approach weight loss in a different way we can learn how to reprogram the mind to lose weight and achieve the body you desire, by changing your thoughts, behaviours and approach to pleasure.

Feeling good in your skin should not be determined by a clothing label, or a number on a set of scales.  In the Artful Eating journey you must prioritise yourself for lasting health and happiness.

Take things slowly, listen to your body and gently make the transition from struggling to thriving.

Wish me luck!


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