12 diets, 12 months – 5:2 diet

Thanks to some of the techniques learnt last month, when I dipped my toe into the world of self-help books and mindfulness, I have managed to get through Christmas practically unscathed with only a teeny tiny weight gain.

Now that the fun is over and the tree is well and truly down it is time to turn my attention to diet number four in my twelve month challenge (Twelve months twelve different diets!).  I have decided that I will give intermittent fasting (or the 5:2 diet or The Fast Diet) a whirl.  This is a diet that I wouldn’t have even contemplated before I embarked on my journey with self-help books as I had a pathological fear of being hungry.  However, having spent six weeks getting in tune with my appetite and realising that I can eat so much less than I used to and not feel hungry, I am now able to give it a go.


Due to commitments today I’m not actually going to start my first fast until tomorrow, which means that so far the diet seems pretty easy! I will report back after my first fast to update on how painful it actually is.

As a foot note, the fact that I didn’t gain any weight this Christmas probably shouldn’t be glossed over as I usually gain at least 5lbs over Christmas and find it really hard to stop eating and drinking to excess when January comes around (despite a long list of resolutions which I make each year but which I haven’t felt the need to do this year).  I mainly put my success down to my small plate which I continued to use for all meals over Christmas and New Year, I must admit that I didn’t meditate or visualise over the festive period but my one constant was much smaller portions.  

Wish me luck!

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  1. mawil1 says:

    I think I gained your 5lb! I’m just hoping that as I get more active it will slip away again..,,,,,😬

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