A fasting diary – 5:2 diet

Today is my first fasting day on the 5:2 diet, diet number four in my Twelve months twelve different diets! challenge.  As this is so new to me I thought it would be interesting to write a diary account of how I find it.

Getting started

Using the calculator recommended in the book “5:2 Veggie & Vegan” I know that I should eat no more than 660 calories on a fast day (most books recommend 500 calories for women but the calculator uses your actual weight, age and height rather than that of the “typical” woman and as it suggests an extra 160 calories I’m happy to go with the advice!).  Interestingly the calculator also suggests that I do not go above 2,664 calories on a non-fast day, although you are not encouraged to calorie count on these days, unless you do not see the results on the scales that you were hoping for.

My first fast day

7.30am – annoyingly I wake up a lot earlier and a lot hungrier than usual.  Last night I had planned to have a nice long lie in today but this wasn’t to be.

9:30am – I have been busying myself with jobs up until now when I “treat” myself to a black coffee, I know in a perfect world I would have this without sugar, but hey I’m not perfect and a sugar cube is only 16 calories (which I’ll take from my allowance).

11am – hunger is kicking in now, it’s not unbearable but I definitely feel ready for food.  I avoid the kitchen as jobs such as making my vegan yoghurt make me want to put a spoon in the starter pot and gobble it up!

11.30am – upstairs to put the washing away, keeping active makes the fasting easier, sitting on the computer definitely doesn’t!  I really wouldn’t want to do this if I was working.

12:00pm – I run a bath and try to read my new book, but my head is all over the place, I can only read a paragraph at a time before my mind wanders to something else.

12:45pm – out of the bath and I feel rubbish, shaky, zero concentration, a thick head and grouchy.  Trying to write this diary entry is an effort.

1:15pm – LUNCH!  What I chose for lunch might not have been the most sensible (too much fat and too processed perhaps) but it was what I wanted.  Hash brown (71 calories), vegan sausage (71 calories), tomatoes (24 calories), mushrooms (14 calories), balsamic (36 calories) and ketchup (15 calories) – total 231 calories.  Wonderfully, I can taste the different flavours and textures in every bite of this meal, unfortunately I still feel hungry when I finish it.


1:45pm – I am freezing and think this is because of the fast (I’ve read some people really feel the cold) but then I notice I turned the thermostat down to 14 when I went to put the washing away, as I said I’m not quite with it!  I still don’t feel sated from lunch which is a bit of a worry as it’s a long time until supper.

3.30pm – having taken the dogs for a long walk in the countryside I am feeling much more human thankfully, evidence that I shouldn’t be frightened to carry on as normal on this diet perhaps?

4.30pm – another coffee but it tasted really bitter so I only drank a mouthful or two (8 calories).  Thick head is back!  Going for a lie down to listen to a mindfulness track and to try to read my book.

6pm – I am really hungry and have a splitting headache, I must confess I am questioning my sanity for embarking on this diet and the logic behind it.  However, I will persevere today and when I am more with it tomorrow, I will re-read my books on 5:2 to reassure myself that it will get better.

6.05pm – want to kill my husband when he wonders into the dining room with an homemade vegetable samosa in hand!

7pm – I “treat” myself to a lime cordial (5 calories) and start to think about preparing dinner.  I’ve actually not felt too bad after the 6pm crisis, the hunger and the other symptoms really do come in waves with this diet.

7.45pm – DINNER!  I’m keeping it simple with a quarter of an Allplants ready meal (it’s not your typical ready meal, check out their website it’s all homemade, packed full of flavour and is unprocessed), I choose lasagne (227 calories), a big salad (121 calories) and half a corn on the cob (40 calories) with a splodge of vegan mayo (37 calories) total 425 calories.  I feel so good after this meal, I think I’m going to be fine now until bed time and I’m very glad I’ve made it through the day.


10pm – I’m off to bed, I am feeling quite peckish and am very much looking forward to breakfast tomorrow, but I survived the day and I feel proud of that achievement.  I hope that I will be able to sleep well and that hunger and headaches and the strange taste in my mouth doesn’t keep me awake all night.

Total calories for the day = 685.

Wish me luck!















4 Comments Add yours

  1. Angellove#185 says:

    Good luck!!! I can’t wait to keep reading.


  2. Miss Judy says:

    Good luck. I started this diet yesterday as well. Very cold all day, couldn’t get warm. I hadn’t heard that is a side effect.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck too, the fasts get easier.


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