1st weigh in and 2nd fast – 5:2 diet

I am pleased to say that I had lost 1lb when I weighed in yesterday after a week on the 5:2 or Fast Diet.  This is particularly good news for me as I was only able to fast once last week.  I am currently learning to drive and I do not feel I should fast on days when I have a lesson, what with that and other commitments it meant that last week I was more 6:1 than 5:2.

My first week

I wrote in great detail about how I found my first fast day in my blog post A fasting diary – 5:2 diet, however, how did I find the rest of the week?

Well, it couldn’t have been easier, I just ate what I wanted when I wanted, including huge amounts of leftover Christmas chocolates (which isn’t great)!  I ate out twice on my non-fast days and I ordered exactly what I wanted, especially at Nando’s where I had starter and mains, with chips as a side.  I did continue to use my small plate at home as this has become second nature to me now, but I don’t see this as a restriction as I believe that dinner plates are far too large nowadays.

It is the ease of the non-fast days that makes this diet so very appealing (especially as I only fasted for one day), I didn’t really get that until after my first fast, but I’d underestimated how liberating it would be not thinking about dieting most of the time.

I did not find that I was less hungry the day after my fast (as reported by many other fasters), in fact I was ravenous and had porridge and a crumpet for breakie (I’d usually just have one or the other), rice cakes and houmous for lunch (with Christmas pudding and vegan cream as afters!!) and the Nando’s for supper.  I should also note that I had great difficulty sleeping on the evening of my fast, I lay awake tossing and turning until gone 1am, I have heard that this is not uncommon.

One final point that I must mention, I am doing Dry January at the moment so I am saving huge amounts of calories that I would usually imbibe in wine and nibbles on Friday and Saturday nights.  I am not convinced therefore that my weight loss can solely be attributed to the 5:2 Diet and not to a combination of the fast and my abstinence from alcohol.

My second fast

I am fasting again today and boy is it easier than last time.  Unlike this time last week my body/mind allowed me to lie-in so I didn’t rise until 9am when I had a black tea.  At 10am I thought I’d see how I reacted to exercising and fasting and so I popped into the gym and did a (slow) 2 mile jog on the treadmill, surprisingly it didn’t feel any worse than usual and I’m learning that hunger does tend to be kept at bay when I’m moving.


Lunch was left over tagine and cauliflower couscous at about 1pm, followed by a soak in the bath.  At 3pm I took the dogs for a long walk, again keeping active really does help.  That brings us to now when I decided to update my blog which is much easier than last week when my head was all over the place.

As yet I do not feel overly hungry on my fast day and I have none of the other horrible side effects from last week (feeling shaky, cold, ravenous, headache, etc.) in fact the only nasty side effect is the taste in my mouth that I get when I restrict calories too much.  Unlike last week I’ve not had to have an afternoon nap either!  Hopefully this will continue through the evening and I will get some sleep tonight.

Wish me luck!

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