1st weigh in and 1st impressions – 16:8 diet

Although I’ve only been following 16:8 since Wednesday of last week, I weighed in as usual this morning as my Monday weigh in is my ‘official’ one.  I was pleased to see that I have lost a pound and I’m not too annoyed that I’d not lost more (despite putting on 2.5lbs last week – eek!) as my weight after my long run is often higher than I’d expect.  Whilst I can drop a couple of pounds the day after a 3 mile run, it is not unusual for me to be a couple of pounds heavier after a run that lasts for more than an hour, I don’t know if this is because I overcompensate with the food on long run day (possible) or whether something more physiological is going on, if I wasn’t so tired after yesterday’s run I’d research it some more ….. maybe tomorrow!

My first impression of the 16:8 diet is that if it works it will be the easiest diet I’ve ever done.  My experience with 5:2 last month means that I am already used to feeling a bit hungry in the morning and delaying my eating until lunchtime, however, unlike 5:2, when I am ‘allowed’ to eat I can eat as much as I like until my ‘feeding window’ closes 8 hours later.  I do miss my evening snack, but I think I can live with this if this is my only real sacrifice and the weight comes off consistently.  The interesting thing is whilst I’m allowed to eat as much as I like in the 8 hours, so far I’m not eating anymore than I usually would in this period (which I guess is how the diet works).

This week I aim to stick to the 16:8 pattern of eating for more than the 3 days I did last week (although 3 days is acceptable according to the rules in ‘The 8 Hour Diet‘).

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! I found the same after a long run- I think it might be because your body retains water for muscle repair- or something? I remember running a half and then not feeling hungry enough eat lots the rest of the day, went to bed with well over 1000 cals uneaten and being disgusted that I had gained 3lbs over night! But it disappeared. I weigh myself on a Friday morning and my long run is on a Saturday, so any water retention is long gone by scales time! x


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