12 diets, 12 months – Slimming World

So, I have reached the 6 month point in my Twelve months twelve different diets! challenge.  Thus far I’ve had varying degrees of success with the following diets:

  • Weight Watchers – 3lb loss
  • Happy Heart – 2lbs loss
  • Self Help – 5lbs loss
  • 5:2 – 5lbs loss
  • 16:8 – 1.5lbs loss

I thought it was time I tried another one of the ‘big’ diets and, if the number of clubs in my area are anything to go by, Slimming World seems to be the ‘biggie’ in the UK so I’m going to give that a whirl.

Untitled (2)

I have decided to join online for the time being, but if I’m not seeing results I have promised a friend that I will go along to her weekly meeting with her.

Signing up to Slimming World online

When you sign up to Slimming World online you are asked the usual questions about your weight and height and your BMI is calculated for you (my number was as depressing as ever!).


Membership is £20 a month, which is comparable to paying for the weekly weigh ins, and I also opted to pay a fiver for a years worth of the magazines as I am a sucker for the success stories.

Once I’d signed up (i.e. parted with my cash) I could start ‘building my profile’, but first a message from Margaret Miles-Bramwell who promised me that:

“It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before. So forget all those old rules, forget counting calories and points, forget weighing and measuring everything, forget hunger, deprivation and boredom, and forget the loneliness of struggling alone. Now you’ve found us. Now it’s time for you to enjoy the thrill of the most exciting weight loss journey, to enjoy the freedom that Food Optimising brings and to enjoy the empowerment of Slimming World’s unique support.”

Sounds good!

Next a video from a Slimming World leader explaining the plan and asking me to forget any previous dieting do’s and don’ts and immerse myself into the following three elements of the Slimming World plan:

  1. Free foods – everyday foods that are “the heart and soul of your success as a Slimming World online member – no weighing, no counting… no hunger, no worries. Fill up on Free Food, rely on Free Food, make meals from Free Food.”
  2. Healthy Extras – to be included everyday.  These are foods which are “packed with calcium and fibre, and weighed and measured to protect your weight loss.”
  3. Syns – “Syns are the way you can enjoy all those foods that other diets ban – without a shred of guilt. All foods that aren’t Free have a Syn value – so keep a count of your Syns each day to get that lovely balance for the best weight losses and the maximum enjoyment!”

Information on all of the above is available on the website now that I am a member but also as a download which I can print.  I am encouraged to keep a food diary for the next four weeks, which is no skin off my nose as I do like to keep records of such things.

Next I am asked about my dietary preferences (foods to exclude), as a vegan I found I ticked a lot of the boxes!


I am also asked about my activity levels and if I have any health problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.), as well as how often I exercise at present.

Finally I set my target weight and then I’m invited to join the members area where I can access the downloads mentioned above, ‘exclusive’ weight loss tools and tailored support (with a warning that if I do “your right to cancel will end” – fair enough).  I click away and am allowed access to the members areas – where there seems to be lots of information to explore and process.  I will post another blog in a few days to let you know how I am finding the diet.

Wish me luck!

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