Being an online member – Slimming World

Well I lost another half a pound this week and once again the Slimming World online system was cock-a-hoop about this ….


The difference this week is I am also quite pleased as I drank far too much over the Easter Break … oops.

When I started Slimming World I chose an online membership because I just can’t face going to a club.  My friend does go and tells me nightmare stories of the session lasting for over 2 hours because each member has to talk (something I would feel quite uncomfortable doing) and how naturally most of the talk is about meaty and fishy meals.  Now, I hope I’m not a preachy vegan, I appreciate I’m in a huge minority and couldn’t possibly expect meat eaters not to talk about meat when asked what they have eaten in the week.  However, I don’t really like hearing about it and I wouldn’t want to be the only vegan in the group (my friend says there aren’t any vegetarians either).  Having said that, my pal lost 5lbs in her first two weeks and I have only lost 1lb – so perhaps there is something to be said for the clubs!


And so to the online system and the online tools.

The tool I use most is the food database and logging system, called the ‘Weight Loss Planner’.  Alas, I find the planner pretty clunky and not easy to use on my mobile or to log foods quickly, for instance whilst you can add foods to your favourites list, you cannot add frequently eaten meals or create recipes.  In Slimming World’s defence, I do log all my free foods, as well as my syns and healthy extras, which isn’t strictly necessary as they’re free!  On the plus side, the database is pretty extensive, including a lot of vegan goodies which Weight Watchers doesn’t have, even if the search function is just weird with no logic to the order of the searched for items.  You can also log your exercise in your planner and I continue to work towards my bronze award.

I use the members area of the Slimming World website a lot less than the planner, however it has a wealth of information and features so perhaps I should use it more.  Highlights for me include the videos on how to get started on the diet and PDF versions of the books that you receive if you join a Slimming World club, along with the Body Magic (exercise) Challenges, at the moment I am virtually running the London Marathon.


Other features that I know I’d like and should probably utilise are the Success Stories and the Hall of Fame (showing the biggest losers for the week/month, etc. – you won’t be seeing me on this any time soon!).  Less useful for me are the recipes, there aren’t many for vegans and so I tend to make up my own recipes or adapt old favourites to fit in with the rules of the plan.

I’m hopeful for another loss this week, I’ve just got to navigate the weekend first!





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  1. mawil1 says:

    I like the virtual london marathon- if you could run it in stages that would be great! My fitness pal has a good food and exercise logging app and it connects with other apps exercise trackers. I think that maybe I should strmart using it to see if I can lose a few pounds! But when I was at work last week, my colleague who has joined a slimming club was avoiding the biscuits because she was anticipating the ‘’weigh in’’ I think that’s the real motivating factor with slimming clubs!

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    1. My Fitness Pal is really good and all free! I think you’re probably right about the slimming clubs.

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