I finally joined a slimming club…

I have been putting it off and putting it off in the hope that I would be able to sort myself out and lose weight without the humiliation (in my eyes at least) and the hassle of joining a slimming club.  However, when I received a WhatsApp from my friend, telling me she has lost 2 stone since mid-January with the help of a Slimming World club, I knew that perhaps I should swallow my pride and conquer my nerves and sign up too (especially as I have only lost about 2lbs in the same amount of time!).  So on Friday I joined the same group as my friend.

The group started at 09:30 and was very busy with women of all ages and one senior male, there must have been at least 100 people there to weigh-in.  For me the session started with the new members talk, there were 5 other new members and one of them was also a veggie so I wasn’t alone.  The group leader took the newbies through the plan and told us a little about herself and her weight loss story and I must admit it was all very motivating.  As a bonus we all got free tea or coffee and a raffle ticket (although we’ll have to buy the raffle ticket next week if we want one).

Next was the meeting itself and by this time over 50% of the members had gone home, choosing only to be weighed not to stay for ‘Body Image’ (as Slimming World call their meetings), this doesn’t bode well I thought … However, on the whole, the meeting wasn’t too bad, admittedly there were a few times when I was squirming in my seat because other members were talking a little too freely about their toilet habits (but I know I am a very uptight Brit in that regard) and sometimes the leader let people ‘go on a bit’ but really it was okay – a bit of a shock to me.  The session started with the leader talking a bit about the theme of the week (this week was store cupboard essentials) and then telling us about a royal wedding themed food tasting in a couple of weeks time (I won’t be staying for that one) and finally speaking to each member individually about their highs and lows of the week and their weight loss (or gain).

After the meeting was the dreaded weigh-in (where I left on my shoes and heavy cardigan in case I ever need to buy myself a few ounces in futures weeks – everyone does it trust me!) and luckily my weight didn’t come as a surprise because me and the scales are very well acquainted.  I set myself a few interim targets as well as my final target which is my healthy BMI and off I went armed with my rather weighty pack and I must say a sense of optimism.

So far so good this week, well I did have a very boozy Saturday which was a pre-arranged affair, but the rest of the time I have been more disciplined than I’ve been in a long while (I appreciate that ‘the rest of the time’ is only actually 2 days but go with me on this one).  I have my meals all planned out for the rest of the week and I am hoping I can keep the momentum going until weigh-in on Friday.

Wish me luck!


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