My running – May & June 2018

My running blogs have dwindled over the past few weeks because my running has also dwindled somewhat.  In fact, in May I only ran 3 times and in June (so far) I’ve only run twice (although both times were this week so I’m on a very small ‘roll’ at the moment!).

However ….. it is now only slightly more than 12 weeks until my first half marathon in September and so it is time to pull my finger out, or more accurately my running shoes on.

As mentioned before in my running blogs I am not a great runner, at the moment I am still walking for 1 minute in every mile and I crawl up even the slightest of inclines as if it was Mount Everest.  As a result my PB this year, for a mile, is 13 minutes and 45 seconds (Mo Farrah really has nothing to worry about!).  But, I am hoping that if I can continue to lose weight and with some consistent training my times will get quicker and it won’t always be such a struggle.

I have decided to go very easy on the training as my sole aim for these half marathons is just to get round without dying, therefore I have chosen a plan which starts gently and only requires me to run three times a week.  I know that with my current fitness levels that I just can’t recover in time to run more than 3 times but I am able to supplement my running training with swimming, which I love and which I have stuck with over the past few months.  The plan starts on Monday.


Wish me luck!





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  1. Good luck! I love a plan- if it’s on an excel, it gets done!

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    1. Thank you. How are you after the marathon? Have you ditch running forever or does it still hold a little place in your heart?!


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