My running week – 25th June to 1st July

Blimey I find it hard to motivate myself to run when it is so hot outside, but I find that having a training programme that I need to follow does help me to get the runs done.

Last week we needed to do 2 miles, 2 miles and 4 miles and it all started well on Monday when I covered the 2 mile distance (plus a bit more) without any walk breaks – this is a bit of an achievement for me.

Alas my second run of the week was less successful, I’d been to a Jack White concert the night before and I’d not got to bed until 01:30, the day was hot (aren’t they all at the moment?) and it felt like I was running through treacle, but I got it done.

That just left the 4 mile run to do.  My Mum couldn’t run with me and so I decided that perhaps it would be easier to do the mileage on the treadmill – what a fool I am!  It was even hotter than it would have been if I’d run outside and the time really dragged (despite me popping on Netflix and watching an episode of The Staircase while I ran).

As well as my 3 runs I also swam, cycled and walked over 20 miles last week so I guess I should be proud of myself – but actually I’m just a bit hot and tired!


Weight loss

Much to my surprise I lost another 1.5lbs at Slimming World on Friday so that is 10.5lbs in total, I am also yet to have a gain which I’m very proud about.  This week I am less hopeful, I don’t feel like I’ve done a huge amount wrong but my scales jumped up over the weekend and  now they just aren’t moving down again.  Hopefully a miracle will happen between now and Friday.

Wish me luck!

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