Holiday weigh-in

So far on my Slimming World ‘journey’ I’ve not gained at group, a fact that I am rather proud of as I tend to struggle with consistency.  However, after a two week holiday, where I was mindful of what I ate but certainly wasn’t counting syns, I knew that there was a chance that this record could be broken.

When I got home I had a sneaky peak at the scales and was actually quite pleased, I’d only put on a few pounds and I thought that I might be able to lose these in the week before weigh in and stay the same at group, or at worst just put on an half pound/a pound, AND THEN ……. my period struck and all bets were off.


During this week it doesn’t really matter what I do, the scales just aren’t budging, and to be honest neither am I, I can’t face much at all and especially not any form of exercise in this heat (which doesn’t help with the BLOAT).  But, I do the best I can, including eating crazy low amounts the day before weigh-in* but it is all to no avail, when I wake up on Friday and weigh at home I am still huge and on for a big gain in club, as well as being absolutely ravenous because of the low calorie count the day before.  So I thought sod it, if I’m going to gain anyway I’m going to have breakfast before I’m weighed, I know, I know, I’m a freaking rebel!!

After my two pieces of toast and peanut butter I headed to club to face the fact that I had put on 4.5lbs since my last weigh-in (1.5lbs of which were toast and coffee!) and whilst I was a bit upset because I know that in another week I might have scraped a ‘stay the same’ nothing really bad happened.

Now that I no longer feel like a hormonal beach ball I’m hoping to shift most of that 4.5lbs this week (and yes I will be having breakfast again before I weigh*).

Wish me luck!

* N.B. one of the less savoury side effects of joining a weight loss club I think is the temptation to starve or dehydrate on the day/hours before being weighed.

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