Hypnotherapy – the post-mortem

I have not really written about my experiences and results whilst using hypnotherapy for weight loss and the reason for this is I didn’t really see any results.  I lost 1.5lbs whilst using the Virtual Gastric Band app which is pretty unimpressive.


It wasn’t that I didn’t like the app, it was inexpensive and, as well as the incredibly relaxing hypnosis sessions, there were many interesting tools to help you lose weight.  However, it just didn’t seem to work for me, which I was a little surprised about as I had great results when using Self-Help tools which follow similar principles (mindful eating, eating intuitively, etc.).

I wonder if the difference between the two approaches, and possibly why one was successful and the other wasn’t, is the ‘buy in’ required when using self-help methods versus the subconscious assimilation (or not in my case) of hypnotherapy.  For instance, I spent a lot of time completing exercises and really thinking about my weight ‘issues’ when I was working from self-help books, whereas with the hypnotherapy more often than not I was asleep within 5 minutes (something that we are reassured should make no difference to the results).

It is such a shame as I was willing this one to work, but it’s back to hunting for the ‘perfect’ diet in my 12 months, 12 diets challenge.

Wish me luck!

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