“Fast” and Loose

Back in my post 12 months, 12 diets – AWOL I realised that the only diets that have really worked for me were those I found in Self Help books (in particular Karina Melvin’s Artful Eating) and Intermittent Fasting (in particular 5:2 fasting).  I tried these diets in December and January and I very much credit…

90s throwback!

It all started with a chat with my hubby whilst on a gorgeous country walk around a local National Trust property. I was telling him about my love for Step Aerobics in the 90s and how it was the only aerobics class I could manage because of my lack of coordination and two left feet….

12 diets, 12 (ish) months – an update

I was planning on writing a blog today about My Fitness Pal and their approach to weight loss when I noticed that I started my Twelve months twelve different diets! challenge almost a year ago today on the 25th September, 2017 with the Weight Watchers diet. When I started I was full of hope and optimism…

12 months, 12 diets – AWOL

Wow – it’s been over a month since my last blog post – 12 months, 12 diets – My Fitness Pal – where I explained that I had a “very busy 3 weeks coming up” and that I was going to try counting calories as the next diet in my Twelve months twelve different diets! challenge….